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CORAM LETHE: “In Absence” (Buil2Kill Records)

Formed in 1999 in the heart of Tuscany, CORAM LETHE have always distinguished themselves by crafting a sophisticated yet emotional death metal sound. “In Absence” (Buil2kill Records) is their fourth official full-length album, once again recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73 (Nero di MarteEphel Duath). The cover artwork is by renowned Italian artist Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Artificial BrainBlack Breath).

In “In Absence”CORAM LETHE keep mastering the acquired sonical influences from PestilenceDeathVoivodEmperor and Dissection in their own way. While pushing the boundaries of traditional death metal by infusing technically complex riffs and melancholic melodies, they retain the dreadful and raw environs with dexterity, a hallmark that is highly unnoticeable among the torchbearers of modern technical death metal acts who only gives priority to metamorphose themselves in a sea of technical showboating.

Listen to the single “Food For Nothingness” HERE

2.In Absence
3.Food For Nothingness
4.Not Been Born
5.Cognitive Separation
6.Pain Represents Pained Representatives
8.To Rise Again

Reminiscence (Full-length 2000)
Promo 2003 (Demo 2003)
The Gates of Oblivion (Full-length 2004)
…a Splendid Chaos (Full-length 2009)
Heterodox (Full-length 2012)
In Absence (Full-length 2018)

Francesco Miatto – Drums
Leonardo Fusi – Guitars
Filippo Occhipinti – Guitars
Giacomo Bortone – Vox
Christian Luconi – Bass


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